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Book Review of ‘Render unto Caesar’ by Archbishop Charles Chaput

By Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

Render unto Caesar is a book written by a Roman Catholic Bishop, who can only speak truth or falsehood as a person who is indelibly marked as a Baptized and Confirmed Christian and Bishop. From here to eternity there is no time-out that a Baptized Christian can take from being a Christian. Render unto Caesar is therefore written by a Christian, out of and within a Christian ethos in general and a Catholic mind-set in particular, and hence, it is herein evaluated for good or for ill on that basis.

Charles Chaput, the very conservative Catholic Bishop of Denver and a very nice fellow personally, steers clear of any serious analysis of the primal issue in Church-state relations, which either poisons or empowers everything else. He does not seriously address in Render unto Caesar the foundational problem of the morality of Christians using violence in all forms against other human beings, and even each other, under the guise of the word “state.” In other words he assumes as Gospel truth, and accepts, the Constantinian definition of the content of Christian love—a definition and content that is patently inconsistent with the definition and content Jesus gave the word love by His words and deeds. Specifically, Charles Chaput’s definition of Christian love includes killing and maiming people. Jesus’ does not. His understanding of Christian love cannot be found in original Christianity. It comes into its own about 300 years later under the influence of Emperor Constantine.

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