Connecting Eaters and Growers

Information taken from Kansas City Food Circle website.

Well into their second decade of service, the Kansas City Food Circle is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization created to connect eaters with local, organic food in order to promote the development of a permanently sustainable local food system in the Kansas City region. KCFC is a project of Heart of America Action Linkage, a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation in Missouri. The predecessor of the KCFC,
the Organic Connection, was originated by the Greater Kansas City Greens in 1988 at the urging of Ben Kjelshus who remains on KCFC’s Coordinating Committee.

The first few years were devoted to finding organic farmers in the region and holding conferences to introduce them to consumers (or preferably called “eaters). In 1994, again at Ben’s suggestion, the name was changed to the Kansas City Food Circle. They established a hotline phone number that people could call for information, and began publishing our Directory of Local Organic and Free Range Food

KCFC serves the greater Kansas City area (eaters and growers in Missouri, Kansas, and reaching out to nearby communities in Nebraska and Iowa) providing an alternative to the conventional agricultural system, which is dependent on practices that are neither good for our personal health nor for the health of the living world we are part of. Most of their work centers on making connections between area growers
who meet their organic produce or free-range animal standards and people who want to eat delicious, nutritious, locally-grown food.

The Kansas City Food Circle is building a community food system in which farmers, eaters, chefs, and grocers know and trust each other. Their network enables them to share their knowledge and experience while working together to promote the benefits of locally-grown organic and free-range foods. One of their goals is to cooperate in nourishing each other today while seeking to sustain the ability of future
generations to nourish themselves through healthy farming practices.

Since 1999, they have held nine Exhibitions of Farmers, and this year some 1100 people attended. The Exhibitions have grown from a few farmers showing off their products and processes to including workshops on food system themes, wide-ranging educational sessions, opportunities for networking.

Currently, The KC CSA Coalition, KCFC’s outreach project that is designed to educate the public and expand the Community Supported Agriculture options for the Greater Kansas City Area, is really taking off as more growers opt for this sort of marketing. In the final analysis, KCFC’s primary purpose remains to support farmers in the region who strive to produce delicious, nourishing food, use environmentally-
sound, organic methods that restore and preserve the health of the land and who treat their animals far more humanely than industrial animal factories do.

If you would like to more about KC Food Circle, schedule a speaker, learn about the benefits of eating locally grown foods, or find out where such foods can be purchased, visit their website.

Another source to check out is the KC Organics and Natural Market which is open May 7th through October 15th, 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 pm in Minor Park. It is sponsored in partnership with Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation. To learn more, visit here.


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