Nuclear Weapons Bring Shame to UK

“Nuclear weapons bring shame to UK,” Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the head of Scotland’s Roman Catholic Church, stated on April 16.  You may already know that the Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien spoke at Faslane last Saturday. He said that the possession of nuclear weapons is contrary to the Easter message of peace.

As far as I know this was the first time a Cardinal has spoken outside a nuclear weapons or any military installation anywhere. The Cardinal condemned “the entire trade in weapons, not just nuclear weapons” saying “Weapons production, from the smallest handgun to rocket launchers, and fighter aircraft, is big business, a massive industry, and to our shame, Britain has a leading role.” He quoted the Pope: “How can there ever be a future of peace when investments are still made in the production of arms and in research aimed at developing new ones?”…The poorest in the world pay the highest price for an arms trade that brings misery to them, and fortunes to the
companies that develop and produce the weapons.”

On Trident the Cardinal said: “It is not courageous of Britain to have these dreadful weapons of mass destruction. It is shameful to have them. If our government wished to truly be courageous it would unilaterally give up its nuclear deterrent, giving the witness and impetus for other nations to do the same.”

A good short video of the service can be seen at here.  It is 6:20 minutes in length and includes speakers David McLachlan, Cardinal O’Brien, Alan McDonald, Lyn Peden and Bruce Kent. Music was from members of the Wild Goose Worship Resource Group. The witness took place at 12.30 pm on Saturday 16 April. The video includes film of a Trident submarine arriving at the base two hours later. The witness was organized by Scottish Clergy Against Nuclear Arms.

Editor’s notes:  This article was originally sent by Brian Larkin and forwarded to KC Olive Branch by Frank Cordaro, who is a member of the Catholic Worker House in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Both links in the article will take the reader to websites where longer, faith-based reflections are available.  These are also by Cardinal O’Brien, and the others who spoke on April 16.

Faslane is a nuclear base in Scotland, described by Cardinal O’Brien as the “center of the nuclear industry.”


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