Cool Harvest Educates Faithful on Food & Climate Connection

Historically, faith communities have fed the less fortunate by organizing food pantries, soup kitchens, and other programs to combat hunger. Recently, some have broadened that work to include planting community gardens and hosting organic farm stands. Some have provided access to Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) for those living in the nation’s “food deserts” — areas with little access to affordable, healthy food.

Now, with the Cool Harvest program, Interfaith Power & Light builds on those successful programs to include an explicit connection for congregations like yours that are also committed to addressing climate change.

Worldwide, about one-fifth of global warming pollution comes from the food industry. That’s more than from all transportation combined. The Cool Harvest program will support congregations across the nation interested in educating their communities about this issue and in facilitating dialog and action.

Using Cool Harvest, congregations will host screenings of the film Nourish, related discussions, “cool potlucks” with low “foodprint” ingredients, and will learn about Farm Bill advocacy. Some of the tips suggested in the program include consuming less meat, eating more locally sourced produce, choosing fish wisely, avoiding heavily processed and packaged foods, and reducing waste. Visit Cool Harvest to learn more and to explore available resources to assist in developing a program.  


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