Father Jack McCaslin, Peace Activist

Editor’s Note:  Many of us involved in peace and justice activities know Father Jack McCaslin.  I recently received the following email, carrying a sad message.

Father Jack McCasln, 82, of Omaha, recently learned that he has lung cancer. He is at Alegent – Bergan Mercy Hospital and in need of our prayers.

For those less familiar with Father Jack McCaslin, he has been a veteran of the civil rights movement since 1965, the peace movement almost forever, and has been a voice for the poor and voiceless in Nebraska and the halls of D.C. all of his life. He was instrumental in starting and supporting several Catholic Worker communities in the Omaha area.

He is currently a major supporter and mentor for the folks at the Omaha Catholic Worker. He has served jail time for crossing the line at StratCom and he demonstrated at the SOA. Recently, he has been ministering to the elderly in nursing homes and visiting death row inmates.  He also lobbies for an end of the death penalty.

He’s been a strong advocate for reform in the Catholic Church and a member of ‘Call To Action.’ He loves being a priest, administering the sacraments, and serving people — especially the poor. For his entire life, he has been a person who puts the teaching of the Gospel into action.

Fr. Jack last crossed the line at StratCom on Aug 9 last year. Visit here for more information regarding this action.

For updates on Fr. Jack’s condition, please contact either Jerry Ebner or Mike Brennan at the Omaha Catholic Worker, 1104 N. 24th St. Omaha, NE 68102;  or at email: cwomaha@gmail.com; or by phone at 402- 502- 5887.  Additionally, information may be found online at: http://www.no-nukes.org/cwomaha.

Letters and cards can be sent to:
Father Jack McCaslin,
7323 Shirley Street #305
Omaha, NE 68124

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