Resist Nuke-making in Kansas City

Kansas Citians have been rallying and doing civil resistance at the Kansas City Plant, which makes non-nuclear parts for nuclear weapons, including radar, firing sets and guidance systems. The current plant is at Bannister Federal Complex; its replacement is to be located by the former Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base and is slated for groundbreaking September 8. On this day, civil resisters and accompanying supporters, many of whom are faith-based and draw on traditions of feeding the poor and protecting the world, will be witnessing against the violence of weapons-making and war. Several others plan to gather for prayer, either at the site or where they are if they cannot travel to the site.

Details for preparatory actions on September 7 and civil resistance on September 8 can be found on the KC Olive Branch calendar or at or by contacting Jane Stoever at  Jane is one of fourteen resisters arrested on August 16. They nonviolently blocked caterpillars at the site for the new nuclear weapons parts plant and stopped work at the site for two hours.   Read more at:

Background on Kansas City Plant

The current Kansas City Plant is under study for contaminants from 61 years of work for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). The KC Plant, operated by Honeywell for the Department of Energy, located at Bannister Federal Complex, is moving south by the former Richards Gebaur Air Force Base, at Mo. Hwy. 150 and Botts Road. The KC Plant makes and procures 85 percent of each U.S. nuke, including guidance systems, firing systems and radar.

The new KC Plant will be joined by two other newcomers—a plant in Los Alamos, NM for plutonium pits, the fissile cores of nuclear weapons, and a plant in Oak Ridge, TN for uranium processing. These plants will facilitate using current weapons for up to 60 years, with enhanced capabilities. “The new KC Plant is overwhelmingly about indefinitely preserving nuclear weapons and not dismantling them,” says Jay Coghlan of NukeWatch, New Mexico. PeaceWorks-KC, Physicians for Social Responsibility-KC, and East Meets West of Troost are calling attention to contaminants at the current plant and the need to free the world free nukes.

On August 23, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II invited all former and retired employees of the Bannister Federal Complex to a public meeting with him and representatives from Senators McCaskill and Bond’s offices.  Other governmental officials were also present, including some to assist current and former employees with the compensation claims process.  Congressman Cleaver gathered these resources in one place and issued the invitation so that former employees could address their health concerns as they relate to having worked at the complex and possible exposure to contaminants.


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