An Immigrant Mother Speaks from Her Heart

NOTE: The following words were written by a 29 year-old woman who was taken by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from her place of employment of about 4 months.  She is still in detention, and wrote this account in the hope of helping to change minds and hearts of people in the U.S.  This woman has been visited by a Sister of Mercy who has inspired and organized others to visit immigration detainees.

“In 2009 I emigrated to the United States with my 7 year-old son.  I hoped to move forward and get him an education that he couldn’t get in El Salvador.  But my dream didn’t happen.  Unfortunately, on March 9 [2010] when I was at work immigration came and picked up 18 people.  I was one of them.

I still cannot erase the anguish and torment that I lived on my journey to this country, and now I am closed in a jail as though I’m a criminal.  I have been nearly five months without seeing my son, and I am in the deportation process.

It is because of looking for a better future for our children and for food that they treat us as criminals.  It is painful to return to El Salvador and see the end of my son’s education.  Thanks be to God for giving me such an intelligent boy, but in El Salvador because of the poverty there is no way for him to get an education.  I ask God to change the hearts of the people who want to get Hispanics out of this country.  I think they believe we have come to rob them, when we have come to work to no longer be hungry, and to help our families.

It’s hard when I remember what I lived through with my son.  I remember that every night when we were on the journey to the United States he would ask me, “Mom, are we almost there?” I remember him saying “Mom, I’m hungry” and I would comfort him by saying, “We’re almost there and then you’ll get to eat whatever you want.”  My heart ached and my eyes were full of tears to know my son was hungry and I had nothing to give him to eat.

Now my son is eight years old and asks me, “Mom, why don’t they like Hispanics?”

I just ask God that some day the law will change and Hispanic families will be able to live without fear that any day they might be separated.  That has happened for so many families, and I pray that their dreams not be shattered the way it happened for me.”


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  1. Dick Phalen said

    Thanks for this story. We need to reach out and support these brothers and sisters during this difficult period and show that some of us in the USA do indeed stand by them with solidarity and prayers.

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