A letter to the Pope and President

Note: A Catholic group promoting an open letter to the Pope and President in lieu of their meeting July 10. To sign the letter, go here. While not promoting the group or the political aspirations of the President, we are providing the the letter in its entirety:

Dear Holy Father and Mr. President:

As Catholics and as citizens of the United States, we celebrate the anticipated meeting which brings you together this July. Our world and our country face enormous economic and moral challenges requiring your leadership and wisdom. We pray and hope that your discussion will further the ideals and aspirations shared by our Church and nation: world peace grounded in justice, pursuit of the common good, and respect for human dignity and life.

We support your mutual efforts to:

  • Build true understanding among nations;
  • Eliminate nuclear weapons;
  • Promote economic justice and reduce the poverty that diminishes the dignity and potential of people across the globe;
  • Work toward the common ground of promoting the sanctity of all life;
  • Encourage the world’s great religions to greater dialogue and understanding, thus promoting peace and tolerance;
  • Support programs and policies that preserve God’s creation.

We appreciate that churches and governments have distinct roles and different perspectives, and thus may have genuine differences on how best to solve the problems plaguing all God’s people. But as Catholic citizens of a great nation, we also know that harmony between the Holy See and the United States can only further the goals embraced by both.

As Catholics in America, we are gratified that you, our Pontiff, and you, our President, recognize the opportunity before you now to promote the common good. You inspire our hope and call us to personal and social responsibility to help make the world a better place for our human family. We pledge to work with both of you in this effort and we pray that your meeting will lead to a new quest to establish peace, promote freedom, and enhance the dignity of all humanity.

Holy Father, Mr. President, May God’s blessing be upon you when you meet.

Catholics Across America


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