New Wineskins: Renewing the Church through Faith Journeys

By Sr. Jeannine Gramick

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Sister Jeannine Gramick shares ideas of Church renewal and stories from her ministry to build bridges of understanding between the heterosexual segment of the church and lesbian/gay people.

Sister Gramick has conducted workshops, retreats, and pilgrimages to holy sites for lesbian/gay people, their parents, families, and friends. Sister Gramick advances the judgment of the American Psychiatric Association that a homosexual identity is not a sickness but an alternative sexual orientation. Consequently, she promotes dialogue, discussion, and education to eradicate myths and stereotypes. She advocates the acceptance of gay and lesbian people as full and equal members of religious, civil, and social groups. She believes that only if all people are treated with dignity and respect will there be peace and harmony in the world.

Sister Gramick helped to begin three organizations for Catholic lesbian and gay people: two chapters of Dignity, the Conference for Catholic Lesbians, and Sisters in Gay Ministry. In addition, she co-founded New Ways Ministry, a Catholic social justice center working for justice and reconciliation of lesbian/gay people with the Catholic Church.

Sister Gramick has written and edited numerous articles and books. Her books include Homosexuality and the Catholic Church, Homosexuality in the Priesthood and Religious Life, The Vatican and Homosexuality, Building Bridges: Gay and Lesbian Reality and the Catholic Church, and Voices of Hope: A Collection of Positive Catholic Writings on Lesbian/Gay Issues. Building Bridges was translated into Italian and published as Anime Gay: Gli omosessuali e la Chiesa cattolica.

> Listen (mp3)


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