Nuclear Kansas City

By Ann Suellentrop

Did you know that Kansas City has a Nuclear Weapons Plant?

The Kansas City Plant is located in the Bannister Federal Complex

near Holmes and Bannister Road and is run by Honeywell

under NNSA, the National Nuclear Security Administration.

It makes over 85% of the non-nuclear components of nuclear weapons,

averages over 5000 shipments a month of nuclear weapons parts

and is having its busiest workload in 20 years even in this post-Cold War era!

Did you know there are plans to use taxpayer’s money to help build a new KC Nuclear Weapons Plant?

NNSA now proposes to have the federal General Services Administration (GSA) build it a new half-billion dollar Kansas City Plant.  Construction is to be funded by private financing, and the GSA would lease the plant from the private developer, with NNSA subleasing it from GSA.

Last month GSA successfully sought a property tax abatement from the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority board of the city of KCMO to generate infrastructure funding.

This despite the fact that Congress is now vigorously debating the nature of the future nuclear weapons complex and how far it should be consolidated!

Did you know that the current KC Plant

is highly contaminated?

NNSA has asked Congress for a combined total of $3.7 million for FYs 2007 and 2008, which doesn’t even meet the 100s of millions needed for a full cleanup of all the PCBs and chemicals.  This suggests that NNSA will avoid full cleanup at the old plant,

even as it seeks to build a new half-billion dollar weapons plant!

Given the lack of need for increased nuclear weapons work,

and the need to lead the world in global nuclear disarmament by solid example,


NOTE: The KCMO City Plan Commission will take up GSA’s request for a $40 million dollar local incentive package starting Sept. 2. To express your opinion, e-mail:


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