Border deaths & KC arrests

NOTE: This letter was sent to the Kansas City Star and provided to the Olive Branch for posting.

By Henry Stoever

The Border Patrol has found some 4,200 dead bodies in the U.S. desert since 1995 as migrants seek entry to support their families, says the relief group “No More Deaths” of Tucson, AZ. NAFTA cancels tariffs on U.S. goods, allowing cheaper U.S. produce to flood Mexican markets, driving Mexican farmers off their land and to the U.S. to seek income for their families.

On April 28, 40 protesters, mostly Catholic Workers, gave witness at the Federal Building in KCMO, and I was one of six arrested for “blocking entrances and walkways.” We demand immigration reform. We reject the criminalization of humanitarian aid to immigrants. We object to raids, deportation, family separation. Europe has a guest worker program; why don’t we? To paraphrase Reagan’s challenge to Gorbachev, we say, “Mr. Bush, tear down that border wall.” How we treat immigrants strikes to the core of our values and souls.


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