A communal journey to Ft. Benning

Holy Family House Catholic Worker has organized a bus to transport peacemakers to the School of the Americas (now WHINSEC) protest at Ft. Benning GA, November 16-18. In recent years folks have travelled to the event in smaller groups. A bus is a more communal approach and would offer others a chance to go who have not otherwise been able.

For those of you not familiar with SOA, take a look at http://www.soaw.org.

The cost is $176 including 2 nights of hotel (4-6 people per room) and bus. For those needing only the bus but want to book their own room, the cost is $129. Payment is due Oct. 22. Checks should be made out to Holy Family CW.

The bus will leave Rockhurst University at 9 am Thursday and return Monday 6am. Organizers plan to arrange a tour of WHINSEC facilities as part of the event.

For more information or to sign up, contact Kendall at Holy Family House CW via email at klmars02@smumn.edu or by phone at 816-532-8362.


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