A blessing for Cherith Brook

NOTE: Brad Grabs, director of Shalom Catholic Worker House, gave the blessing at Cherith Brook, Kansas City’s newest Catholic Worker House, located in the Northeast neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo.

By Brad Grabs 

Dear friends, we gather here this evening, to ask God’s blessing, and to offer our own blessing, to the special and sacred place of Cherith Brook.  May every part of this home and this community be blessed!

Loving God, bless this house. 

We ask you to bless the doorway, that it may always be open to receive your people. 

We ask you to bless the living room, that it may be a place of laughter, joy, and meaningful conversations.

We ask you to bless the kitchen, that it may provide good, abundant food that offers nourishment and energy to do your will. 

We ask you to bless the dining room, that it may be a place of true companionship and sharing. 

We ask you to bless the bedrooms, that they may be places of rest and refreshment. 

Loving God, Cherith Brook is more than a house, and it is more than a home, it is a community of people, yearning to live in the light of your Kingdom. 

Lord, bless this community.

May those who have been called as stewards of this home and this community, truly be the heart, the mind, the hands, and the feet of Christ, for one another and for all who enter here.  And may the children who make their home here grow in love and wisdom through the richness of this community.  

Loving God, may every person who enters this sacred place of Cherith Brook know Peace—peace within and peace with others.

May they all know respect, and recognize their dignity as children of God.

May they all know rest and refuge, from all of life’s burdens and struggles. 

And may all who enter this sacred place know the Living God, and be transformed by our Creator’s unconditional love. 

May every part of this home, and this community, be blessed! 

May all present here who extend this blessing upon this community respond,
Amen, alleluia.

For more information on Shalom House, go here. For more information on Cherith Brook, go here.


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