Litany for an election

Gracious God, you are the source of all blessing. Among the many gifts that you have given us, we in this nation are blessed with the ability to have a voice in our government. 

Let us be good stewards of our citizenship, and use it for the common good…

God of steadfast love, whenever your people have gone astray, you have sent your prophets to call us back to the way of justice and righteousness.

Let your church be a voice for justice in public life.

Almighty God, you are the source of all power and authority. All of our earthly differences melt away in your presence.

Let us be bound together in your name alone, making a place at the table for all your children.

God of wisdom, you have raised up citizens to be leaders of cities, states and nations. Guide our candidates for public office and all officials to be faithful and courageous leaders, and give them the strength to do not what is expedient but what is right.

Let us bring our moral convictions to public life, encouraging our representatives to work for the common good.

Holy God, it is our privilege to participate in your work in the world. Free us from the cynicism that makes us despair of ever seeing justice and lets us serve only our own narrow interests. Encourage us with the knowledge that what we are engaged in is larger than ourselves.

Let us join together to exercise faithful citizenship in the service of your mission.

God of unquenchable hope, you are with us in times of plenty and in times of need. Continue to uphold your people who are hungry now, and use our lives as a witness to your love for them, seeking shalom and justice for all.

Let us be your vessels to bring blessing to hungry and poor people.

Excerpted from: Elections Matter: Vote to End Hunger. Bread for the World Institute. Visit

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