In the Media: Stem Cells, Jacob’s Well & “Tempting Faith”

Stem Cells  

If you vote in Missouri on Nov. 7, you will help decide the nation’s most-watched ballot measure — Amendment 2: Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative. If paid advertisements have been your only source of information, then you are experiencing the fog of war. It is cloning, it’s not cloning. Yikes.

For those interested in a balanced, faith-based, view of the topic, National Catholic Reporter offers both an in-depth cover story and an editorial. You won’t finish the pieces knowing how Jesus would vote, but you will notice the fog has thinned a bit.

Jacob’s Well gets national pub

Recently, Jason Byassee, Christian Century assistant editor, headed to Midtown’s own Jacob’s Well, “hoping that it could help me understand a phenomenon that remains elusive—the Emergent church.” Read here what he found.

David Kuo’s “Tempting Faith”

David Kuo, former deputy of the Bush administration’s faith-based initiative office, has been a media regular lately as he promotes his book. But few interviewers did a better job than “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer’s” Ray Suarez. Read, listen or watch here.

— Michael Humphrey

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