Let’s get on with being church

By Mary K. Meyer  

Delivered during a Oct. 2 listening session at Our Lady and St. Rose, in KCK, which is under consideration for closure by the Archdiocese.

I’m waiting for a listening session when the real bottom line issue is addressed.  When are we going to get to the heart of the matter?  Are we going to wait until all the old men priests have died off and the remaining pulpits are filled with foreign priests who no one understands?

As a local church, Our Lady and St. Rose is just getting by—year after year—with no sense of permanency.  The Catholic Church in America is just getting by—year after year—as the priest population shrinks, the churches move to the suburbs and get bigger and bigger, rural churches close their doors and board up their windows, and we import some more priests.

When I first came to Our Lady and St. Rose almost 20 years ago it was an old people’s parish.  Now we have some younger adults and quite a good number of children.  We have single moms who need the stability of a strong church in which their kids can inherit the traditions and the strong faith that we did.  I want to see the kids in our parish have a faith that is nourished and encouraged by a loving community. 

These meetings, which are supposed to make us all feel better about the decisions that come down, are a waste of everybody’s time.  Let’s get on with being church.  If there is ever a place where it is evident that women can function and minister it is Our Lady and St. Rose.  Effective leadership doesn’t depend on the sex of the person, it depends on the spirituality of the person.  Let us be concerned about living the Gospel and passing the faith on to our young ones—and that can happen with or without Catholic schools.



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