Are non-Christians less human?

This is a letter to the editor sparked by an article in the 9/22/06 edition of The Catholic Key.

Letter to the Editor:

I was taken aback by the opening sentence of the Key’s front page article about the Helmsing Institute (Sept. 22). “There is more difference between a Christian and human being than there is between a human being and an animal,” according to theologian Msgr. Lorenzo Albecete. Really?

This seems contrary to all I have learned from the Bible, from the Catholic Catechism, and the social documents of the Church, not to mention my own life experience. Aren’t all human beings made in the image of God? If Msgr. Albecete’s assertion is accepted, what does this say about our Jewish and Muslim sisters and brothers? We Christians are blessed by the gift of our faith, but we are not superior. There is a difference.

Brad Grabs

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  1. John Bach said

    I had the opportunity to attend a Conference in Leavenworth where Father Thomas Keating spoke. Father Keating, a Trapist Monk, is well known for Center Prayer.

    Father Keating said, all God’s creation are “cells” connected to the mystical body. We as “cells” are called to compassion, forgiveness and love to all creation.

    As Brad Grabs stated, we are all made in the image of God! Therefore, I am called (we are all called) to live the seven themes of Catholic Social Teachings

    John Bach
    “Everyone Matters” jack jezreel

  2. Ken Gates said

    How could someone with so much training and education have so little understanding? This is another example of the crisis of leadership we have in politics, religion and society in general. The people have better understanding, instincts and judgement than do their leaders. A weird predicament to be in for sure.

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